Summer Reading Is Over!

What a great summer! Thank you for participating in our "Build a Better World" learning program. Be sure to keep an eye on what is happening here at the library throughout the school year.

Upcoming Events

Library Events for Children and for Families taking place in the next:

Every Child Ready to Read

Help your child get ready to read with these simple activities every day:

  • Talk
  • Sing
  • Read
  • Write
  • Play

Come to the library to discover booksmusic and programs to help! (Download a map of library addresses, phone numbers and direct bus routes.)

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Also, check the Libraries' Facebook page weekly for new children's books and fun literacy tips!

Web Resources and Links


Storycasts are podcasts and YouTube videos of children's stories, crafts, teen book reviews and author interviews. Visit the Storycasts page to see and hear them all. 


Through the Born to Read program, the library system partners with community agencies to ensure all children are ready to read. For more information, call 941-861-2506 or email